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Create with Clint Weekly Challenge: Monument

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Create a render with a monument

  • ALL SUBMISSIONS must be created during the challenge! No renders from years ago. Let's learn and grow together =]

  • DO NOT copy a tutorial and post the results (people who do this will be DQ'd)

  • YOU MUST upload your final render and a clay render with your name and date to 📰-submission-proof . Contestants that don't do this will not be considered.

  • PLEASE title your image as your Discord name, and if submitting a video please keep it as an MP4.

  • PROVIDE a side by side comparison as your submission if you are recreating someone else's art. If your submission is heavily inspired by an artist please mention the name of that artist.

  • Upload in 💎-submissions by Friday, Jun 10th, 2022 @ 12pm EST

  • Use #🧠-submission-discussions if you're looking for challenge-specific feedback please.


  • New TIERS: 🔮-check-your-rank -

  • Discord pro access for a week! Patreon Lounge&Co.


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Create a render with a monument
Create with Clint
Recurrence: Weekly