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Nodevember 2021

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Nodevember is all about procedural awesomeness!

Challenge yourself to improve and show off your procedural skills.

Anything procedural is welcome. If you can call it nodes, you can call it Nodevember!

How to participate

  • Create awesome procedural stuff inspired by the prompt every two days.

  • Post your result, along with a screenshot of your nodes, on social media.

  • Tag your post with #nodevember and #nodevember2021.

  • Also make sure to tag your post with the relevant hashtags of the software you used.

Additional Info

Anything procedural goes. Use any procedural/node based software you want. This is also a great opportunity to challenge yourself to learn new software!

The exact limit of what is procedural depends on your field and skill level, so we encourage you to define your own constraints and goals at the beginning of the month.

These are our suggested constraints for popular fields:


  • No image textures.

  • No nodes that load external data.

  • For an extra challenge, use only procedural lighting (no HDRIs).


  • No manual sculpting/modelling.

  • Basic primitives only.

  • No nodes that load external data.

Music/sound synthesis:

  • No samples or recordings.

  • No nodes that load external data.

  • Basic oscillators only (no wavetables).

But in the end it's up to you to set your own personal challenge, and decide how far you want to push yourself.

And above all, have fun!


Q: Can you share/retweet my post?
Q: Why don't you share/retweet my post?

A: Each year, there are thousands of pieces, made by hundreds of people, during Nodevember (just have a look at our stats page!).

We do look at all the submission! But it would be impractical to share all of them, as it would mean that the NodevemberIO accounts would be flooding everyone's feeds with all those thousands of entries.

Instead, we try to highlight exceptional pieces, based on criteria such as visual appeal, technical achievement, originality, etc.

Anyone wanting to actually see all the submissions can just scroll through #nodevember and #nodevember2021 on Twitter and Instagram!

Q: Why are there only 15 prompts this year?

A: When it comes to month-long challenges, Nodevember — being particularly technical — falls distinctly on the more mentally intensive and time-consuming side of the spectrum.
With this in mind, in the interest of preventing burnout, and promoting a more pleasant and healthy experience, we have decided to make one prompt per two days.

This gives everyone a better chance to explore the possibilities for each prompt at a more reasonable pace.

We also believe this will not only be beneficial for everyone's mental health, but also help to level the playing-field, enable even more creative ideas, and create a much better environment for deeper learning experiences.

Q: Why are the prompts so abstract this year?

This year we're trying more abstract prompts, to serve as inspiration (which has always been our intention with the prompts), rather than a specific "thing" to make.

Hopefully this will encourage even more creativity and variety!

Let's see how this experiment goes!


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