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Weekly Drills 078 - #Octopus

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An octopus is arguably one of the most impressive sea animals that we know. With their infamous eight arms, they have a soft, badlike body and large eyes. They vary greatly in size and can change colour quickly depending on their environment or mood. We look to the stars to find aliens, but surely they already exist in our oceans, which is why this week you are challenged to create an Octopus. Your project can be any style that you like. It can be cartoony, photo realistic or even mechanical. You can paint it, build it or even sculpt it. Which ever approach you take, make sure to share you progress and spend some time doing research before jumping in too deep. Follow this link for some incredible reference.


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This week we want you to create an Octopus and upload it to your Rookies profile and tag it #RookiesWeeklyDrills and #Octopus.
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